Reply To: Hohner Melodica, classic versus new


Alan, I would love to read more about the Solist, in comparison to the Pro 36 you would have to assume that it was the creme de la creme top of Hohner melodicas, from the accordion tone and feel of the keys and Unlike the pro 36 that has a srew cap to release the moisture the Solist has a push button in the rear of the Melodica. The handle is softer and wider and feels very soft and supple. Like other Hohner Melodicas the Solist has a post where you insert your mouth piece also unlike the other Melodica’s it is very thick and not easy to break. The Pro 36 does not have a post and only a hole to insert your mouth piece. The gaps between the keys on the Solist are very close but none touch or rub against each other with absolutely no play. You put all this together and house it in a beautiful hard case with a padded satin interior. It has to be Hohners top of the Melodica line. It is as rare as the Hohner Electra, the only electric Melodica produced by Hohner. used by the 60’s band “The Loving Spoonful” sort of a syntheziser Melodica with different sound settings. I would love to add one of those to my collection.

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