Reply To: Original Song Featuring Melodica


Hi Melodica-Me,

The compressor I use is not from Lone Wolf Blues Company. It is from MXR. It is called MXR Bass Innovations Bass Compressor. Dead quiet. It has five knobs which gives it a lot of flexibility and adjustment. I love it. Would not play without it. It really tightens up the sound.

I am selling my new Green Bullet mic. It simply does not give me the sound I want. I tried it a million different ways and with many side-by-side comparisons and decided it was not the mic for me even though many harp players user it. I am now using a mid-quality Audio-Technica shotgun mic because it gives me a much fuller sound. If I want the midrange sound of a Green Bullet, I can just dial it in using the Harp Tone+ EQ pedal.



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