Reply To: Original Song Featuring Melodica


Nice Groove Lowboy, can I ask in your opinion, how quiet is the compressor you are using from lone wolf, I have been seriously thinking of buying the Roger Mayers RM 58 limiter for a while now. But the cost is a bit up their and sacrifices will have to be made so I can purchase one. Most pedals I have been using add a little noise, so the least noise is better. I recently bought the Chase-Bliss warped vinyl “Chorus pedal that is totally unusable with my melodica due to the added noise. It but sounds great with my keyboard setup so I will be keeping it. How is the lone wolf compressor working for you?. I agree the two most important pedals for me are Delay and reverb of which really fill a room with a fat
melodica. I am working on a post about the use of pedals (stomp boxes) with Melodica’s, and hope to get it all done soon so I can share my agony and defeats so far. Question are the old green bullets better than the new?


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