Reply To: Ultimate Blues Harmonica Sound from a Melodica


Thanks for your information Lowboy. I bought the harp delay, hard break, hard tone , flat cat and harp attack. However, i have a Melodion 44hp, wich is electroacoustic, so i still dont know how is it going to end ang what will happend with microphone. I started this idea 7 mounths ago, but i have boss guitar’s pedals: delay, harmonist, overtone and octavator…..there are results but not in a blues way harp sound…. Is more like an electric organ from 70’s, far from blues harp, thats why i finally decided to buy these pedals…. On their way to Chile right now. I realized that is important , to play more than one key at the same time, trying to emulate the concept of bending itself, so is very much technique….well, lets see what will come out. I will let you know.

Greetings from Chile!!!

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