Reply To: Some Thoughts On Vintage


Hi guys was reading this discussion and I find myself with the same “wife” situation. I was ready to order a suzuki m-32c for cristhmas and wen I told her… The typical reaction.. Why another melodica?You just got one two months ago, I’m tired of hearing you playing.. Etc. Etc. And how can I explain her that I play a honher 26 and a hohner 36… And that I would love to play a 32 keys melodica, and that I only have German melodicas and I would like to play a Japanese one… She says that melodicas are all the same.. And that it is just my mind falling in desires because I can play all my songs in just one melodica, and it is not a new one that will make me play better. Also my cat is badly sick and I have a expensive bill to pay, so I guess I am not having the suzuki for Christmas…Just have to wait for the right time….

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