Reply To: Playability & Viabilityof Vintage Melodicas

Alan Brinton

My Suzuki M-36 just arrived. I opened the shipping carton, took out the case, and thought Did I order another Piano-36? I removed it from the case, checked to see that all the notes worked (one not sounding), played a bit, and thought there’s something different here, and then suddenly I noticed that it is the Suzuki M-36. Eerie feeling. It looks, feels, and plays so much like the Hohner Piano-36. It just says “Suzuki Melodion M-36,” but it is a later model than Adam’s. One tell-tale sign is the it lacks the curved outward right corner, another is that the nameplate is on the left end piece. I’m guessing that this is a 36a or 36b. Here’s a photo for comparison with Adam’s M-36.

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