Reply To: Playability & Viabilityof Vintage Melodicas

Adam Tombs

Slightly off where this topc is going, please forgive me. Just a short comment on my journey in restoring a Professional 36. After my accordion mechanic mate had a look and repaired all its ills, he gave it a bit of a tweak once over tightening bits here and there and declared it a player. He substituted a larger steel accordion reed and it works perfectly… The only issue is that it is more stable and clear than the rest of the keys. Very hard to spot the difference apart from the clearer sound.

If I can compare it to say an Irish whistle, the original reeds are more ‘chiffy’, that characterful chirpy burr….. But the substitute accordion reed carries well and has a purer tone.

Looking forward to the Suzy M-26 arriving in the mail Alan!

I am thinking of buying either a piano 36 or a pro 36 and colluding with my accordion mecchanic friend to modify it to use retrofitted accodion reeds, replacing the stock reeds entirely.

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