Reply To: Playability & Viabilityof Vintage Melodicas


Alan, I think the reason these oldie but goodies tend to have so many issues is that they have a lot of moisture residue that unless they are completely cleaned out even on the edge of the reed and reed hole that cause them to stick and buzz and de-tune. I would not mind paying to have them restored but the reality of spending more money than what they are worth does not sit well with me, especially if I really do not intend to use them for recording or live work. I have (4) Claviettas (1) in perfect condition and (3) parts doner. I keep saying that they will be my past time when I retire lol. I am waiting to see when the new Ballone Burini Vibrandoneon is released and if not soon I will be buying another Hammond 44 as back up since that is what I use 50% of the time. So many Melodicas so little time lol

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