Reply To: Playability & Viabilityof Vintage Melodicas

Alan Brinton

Sorry to hear about your Vibrandon, Melodica-Me.

I think Lowboy will be experimenting with some of the old ones. He’ll put them to the test!

What I’m learning is that the Suzukis have not changed much since 1980 or so (arbitrary date). Maybe they will stand up as well as new ones. On the assumption that the earlier models have serious limitations for performance, it would be interesting to figure out which “semi-vintage” melodicas are viable options for professionals, especially for those like you and Lowboy who make serious demands on the instrument. Also, a folk musician might be able to work with an A-25 or 27 that wouldn’t work for a blues player or guy who is playing like the Monsters. My interest is mainly academic. Both Adam and I are getting M-36 Suzukis (1980s or so, depending on the model). He apparently is a piker like me, but we’ll be able to get an idea of how different they are from, say, a new M-37C or M-32C.

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