Reply To: Review of the Yamaha P-25F

Alan Brinton

It is the P-25D rather than the P-25F that is shown in the review photo. I know the review listing was originally for the P-25D. I have had an opportunity to compare the two. The P-25F is made in Indonesia. The P-25D was made in Japan. These two are very similar, except for a slight difference in color (P-25D slightly darker), a cream colored bottom on the P-25D, and more rounded corners and edges. The more rounded edges The P-25D is in fact slightly lighter in weight at 502g, as compared with 511g for the P-25F. The P-25D is more comfortable to play in that it lacks the annoying sharp edge that the P-25F has running horizontally just above the blow hole. There are some other minor differences. The P-25F is, as we know, still in production, while the earlier P-25D is discontinued. I would say that the P-25D is the more attractive of the two, but I guess this is a matter of personal opinion. Its lines and color scheme give the illusion of greater compactness.

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