Reply To: Some Thoughts On Vintage

Alan Brinton

I’m afraid the wife already buys what she wants, so I’m not in a strong bargaining position.

I just got an early Yamaha 32, I’m guessing from the 1960s. It’s surprising. I think the rectangular melodicas we’re familiar with don’t go back before 1960, and the early Hohner button models are late 50s. Were they around in the early 50s? I’m not sure. I like the way you’re raining questions. One of mine is about what is the earliest 36-37 model? The Professional 36, I’m guessing from my limited results. I have lots of other questions. The Italians are obviously an important dimension of the larger picture, as they were working in the direction of the melodica, and have a history of being very creative, which is reflected in what they’re still doing.

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