Reply To: Some Thoughts On Vintage


Surprising results from this research. I would had never guessed the Yamaha P-32D that I own is a slightly refined version of a 1950 design.

I remember reading somewhere that the basic premise of the melodica (air-blown keyboard instrument) has been implemented in hardware since the turn of the 20th century.

Who invented the melodica? When is a melodica a melodica? Very interesting questions. I am on the hunt too Alan, but not as vigorously as you.

Let me give you some advice on the wife. Just allow her to buy whatever she wants without you saying anything. It pretty much doubles the cost of your hobby, but it reduces pointed and repetitive questions from the spouse similar to: Do you really need another melodica? How many melodicas do you have? How many melodicas do you have now? Why did you buy that red cassotto thing from Austria and pay $35 just for shipping?


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