Reply To: Deodorizing


Hi Alan,

Nice work.

I did write a little report about eight months ago where I tried to deodorize a melodica by taking it apart and cleaning it, but when the smell was still present, I just soaked the entire melodica, fully assembled, in a deep cookie sheet filled with water and white vinegar. I then soaked it in plain water a couple of times to rinse it, shook it out, let it dry, and voila, the melodica worked perfectly and smelled 98 percent better. However, I did offer a caution that this may not be an acceptable technique for some types of melodicas.

I guess an old melodica can smell like anything based on its history, but I have found 9 out 10 times they smell like an attic, which is where many of the vintage melodicas probably sit for a few decades before they end up in a tag sale or on Ebay.



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