Reply To: What kind of melodica is this ?

Alan Brinton

Suzuki Pro-37v2. I believe (and I know some others agree) that the Suzuki M-37C is better, even though it’s cheaper. The “high end” look of the Pro 37 is cosmetic and superficial, though it is in fact a nice looking melodica. In my opinion, again, the M-37C has a cleaner sound. My favorite among the Suzukis is the M-32C — you might find it easier to begin with a 32 key melodica. Also quite nice is the Suzuki A-34C. Note that it has an unusual range of keys for a melodica. I think all three of these other models are superior to the Pro-37, they are cheaper but have a real solid quality feel, comparable key action, and somewhat better sound than the Pro-37v2 (though this is of course somewhat subjective. The Yamaha Pianicas are also excellent. My opinions as a melodica hobbyist who has owned, taken apart, and tuned all the aforementioned. But check the Reviews section and look at reviewers’ profiles, to see what the professional musicians say.

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