Reply To: Different melodica sounds

Adam Tombs

Interesting topic. I grew up listening to melodica in dub and reggae, Augustus Pablo, King Tubby etc without knowing it was actually a melodica. I thought it was some kind of synth setting. No doubt it was heavily altered in the editing booth but the hohner metal bodied piano 26 and piano 27 actually make this reggae style sound.

What I have also been interested in is the use of Melodica in Irish traditional music (ITM) Australian folk is a close relative to ITM also…. Think Troy’s Songs of the Sea project.

Karen Tweed won the Fleadh ‘Miscellaneous Instrument’ competition many times playing melodica, if you have heard her play accordion you would know what I am talking about. The Irish folky sound can be found through detuning apparently… Also a big fan of Paddy Richter tuning on harmonicas…

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