Reply To: yamaha P-32E?

Alan Brinton

From what I have been able to determine using Google Translate, this is a successor model to the P-32D with some design changes based on input from teachers in order to make it easier for children to play without compromising the sound quality. It is 50 grams lighter in weight, and the body has been rounded to make it easier to hold (You can see this by comparing photos of the D and the E). There has been some modification to the hose/fitting, although this does not show in the main photo. The case is redesigned to make it more durable and suitable for children, and the new case is shown in photos at Tom’s links. It looks more like the P-37D case. The changes would appear to be driven by Ministry of Education input and guidelines in relation to the use of the instrument in childhood education, not necessarily an encouraging development for the rest of us, but whether the P-32E is better or worse than the P-32D, who knows until we see one. The P-32E is available now on eBay but not on Amazon USA. It will be bad news if the P-32D becomes unavailable and the P-32E is much more expensive.

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