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Lowboy, Binyomin, thanks for the feedback. I have several pedals that I use to control reverb, delay, EQ along with the Leslie simulator, and B9 organ pedal and all work great, but I can’t get the tone I want out of (1) amp for (3) different melodicas. So I am limited in what I can take to perform with. Seams like a simple thing to fix but no luck so far. I use the built in pick ups and not a separate mic, Binyomin, what model Senhieser mic are you using. Unless I am at a show with a large sound system and a good engineer mixing and getting a good sound check to premix and and bus to separate faders I usually have to rely on my own mixing skill on stage and in a small room scenario I uslually only have room for one amp, and heck I don’t want to lug more than (1) small amp. I am able to get the tone I want from (3) separate amps I just want (1) and one that is not big. A 15-20 watt amp would be more than perfect. As for Solid State amps I just can’t get a clean round warm full sound for hammond 44, the hyper sounds good in the hire registers but not in the lower ones, the Vibrandoneon sounds good in the mid and lower registers but become week on the higher registers a lot to try to fix on the fly.
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