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So as I forge through yet another amplifier for my Melodica, I came across a ampeg SS-70C solid state amplifier with hopes of being able to use between my Hammond 44 and Hammond Hyper as well as my vibrandoneon with the Meyers pick up.
(See pictured below)

Unfortunately I am finding that I can’t get the warmth from solid state amplifiers, I used a stomp box pedal that creates a tube amp simulation and only found that unless you have the bottom end you basically are fighting the carrateristcics of the solid state amplifier, you basically loose the mid range or it becomes harsh and not defined. This last Tuesday I went to the local jam session at a neighborhood eatery “Perry’s Joint” and took my Fender Acoustasonic Jr. and only took my Hammond 44 and Hyper.

While the Hammond 44 performed great the hyper did not do as well. It is my belief that a tube amplifier is the way to go for melodicas. My Magnatone 421 is not realiable enough for the occasional jam let alone a gig. So i need to decide if I want compact and take a couple of amps or struggle with the weight of a larger keyboard amplifier that will do the job better. The small PA system is in the same gatagory as the keyboard amp so that won’t help. This amplifier must be reliable and be under $1,500.00 USD and I would like it to be at the very most 35-40 lbs, reverb is not a big issue since I have a pedal for that, a nice vibrato would be great. So please keep your eye open next time you go to a garage sale or your local music store. Or if you are a guitar player and have a recommendation, I am all ears.
Thank you
Monsters Of Melodica

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