Reply To: Comparison of Four Melodicas with a Blues Backing Track


Hi Melodica-Me,

I misunderstood your question earlier in this thread: “I am torn between the Yamaha P-34c and the Hohner Piano 36.” I thought you were asking for ideas about which one to purchase, not which one you preferred in the recording.

In any case, I fully agree with you that every type and brand of melodica has a place based on the composition and soundscape of a song. When heavily processed, the timbre differences between melodicas are sometimes disguised. When played accoustically or with minimal EQ and reverb, the wide range of timbres from various melodicas is amazing, and I have yet to meet a melodica I did not like.

And now, while the Yamaha does not sound as good as others when heavily processed, it offer a very distinct and rich tone when played and recorded acoustically. I like them all!



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