Reply To: Replacement for a broken reed for a Hohner professional 36?

Adam Tombs

Hi Melodica Me, thank you for your input. I live in a remote town in the North West of Australia, so anywhere from here is a long way away 🙂

I am really pleased with my ‘find’ as it appears to be in great condition apart from the broken reed. You are of course correct about the difference between this instrument and my other melodicas, the only one I have that comes close is the Hohner Piano 36.

I am more of a collector than a musician so I really hope I can restore it to it’s former glory, or close enough to it’s former glory.

I am fairly good at tinkering and thought that I might be able to repair it myself if I could just get a replacement reed… So your advice to keep an eye out for a basket case Pro 36 as spare parts was where I was thinking of going with it. At the same time, I would not be averse to sending it over to America to have someone fix it, so thank you very kindly for the reference to the gentleman who repaired your Pro 36.

I have been in contact with an accordion repairer and restorer who lives ‘close by’ (only 1500kms away…) He is currently on holidays in his native Macedonia but he has offered to take a look at my Pro 36 it to see if he can repair it.

Thanks again for your interest and reply to this topic.

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