Reply To: Replacement for a broken reed for a Hohner professional 36?


Hello Adam, where are you located. I have a guy in Los Angeles that works on accordions that replaced my reeds on my Vibrandoneon that can probably do the same for your Pro 36. These are single reeds so they are easier to work on. The company in Los Angeles is called Dave’s Accordions, he is actually in the community of Atwater. Great guy you may have a wait simply because he is the only guy in the nearby area so he has more work than he can handle at times. Dave could not find my reed so he made it. I am looking for another Pro 36 just to have spare reeds. So if you really like your Pro 36 you should consider doing the same it the long run it would be cheaper. by the way, I know once you play the Pro-36 most of your other melodicas will sound pale in comparison.

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