Reply To: Comparison of Four Melodicas with a Blues Backing Track


Lowboy, the Hohner Piano 36 is in a class by itself. As you know I have many great melodicas and the piano 36 is one that I use a lot because it is a great instrument. it is my belief that if you are going to play the melodica professionaly you have to have several melodicas to fit with the right piece of music. In the same way a guitar player uses different guitar or a keyboard player has several synthesizers. One melodica will not work for all musical pieces. So a Hohner, Suzukie, Yamaha, Hammond, they are all good in there proper place. I was recently ask during a acoustical jam session with Cajon, acoustic bass guitar and acoustic guitar by a musician, “how do you make the Melodica sound the way it does” simple I said “factory specs” a great melodica, sounds great an ok melodica will sound ok. The tone is built in you add the Vibrato and Dynamics. The piano 36 has a great tone.


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