Reply To: Comparison of Four Melodicas with a Blues Backing Track


Hi Melodica-Me,

I made my mind up and I will offer my opinion, which is of course, fully subjective. If I had to choose between the Yamaha P-32D (we were incorrectly calling it a P-34C above) and a Hohner Piano 36, I would take the Hohner along with all of it liabilities. First, I like the tone of Hohner slightly better for my style of playing, and second, while the Yamaha has a beautiful, rich, and consistent tone when played acoustically, I have found that it does not take well to being processed for amplification. The tone of the Yamaha seems to deteriorate quickly when run through my effects, while Hohner maintains its character even with heavy processing.

That is my story and I am sticking to it . . . until I learn more.



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