Reply To: Ultimate Blues Harmonica Sound from a Melodica


Hi Balazs,

I was playing a Hohner HM26, HM27, or HM32. I don’t remember which one, but probably the HM32 (Hohner Piano 32). I was using a Shure Green Bullet microphone going into a MXR Bass Innovations bass compressor pedal, and Lone Wolf Blues Company Harp Delay and Harp Break pedals. I get a little bit of distortion from the mic when I direct the sound right at it and play up close. I get a little bit of distortion from overdriving the compressor pedal. I also max out the compressor. I get some distortion from over driving the delay pedal. Then the Harp Break adds most of the distortion and bass response, building on all of the cumulative distortion.

Below is a link to a photo of the setup. But my setup for this recording did not include the Harp Tone pedal.



Photo of Pedals


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