Reply To: Semi-Vintage Hohners?


I spoke with Bill Bucco today. He is the manager of service at Hohner Shop, Virginia, USA. He has 5 Piano 32s and 50 Piano 26s left. These are the HM models with the sound holes on the back.

Once these are gone, finding a new one will be a difficult. You can buy them directly from Bill (

These melodicas are the ultimate for playing the blues in my opinion. It is difficult to learn to play these expressively, however. They are only mid-quality melodicas. It took me a long time to even begin to figure it out. I am still an infant. There is much more territory to explore in terms of: (a) breath control, (b) sound modulation obtained by moving the melodica around the microphone and against your body, (c) singing into it while playing, and (d) perhaps using a sax/clarinet/oboe mouthpiece.

The voyage is underway blues people.

Let’s also wake up the melodica makers to what could be a tremendous market for them.



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