Reply To: Melodica Tuning and Detuning and Being Out of Tune

Steven Morris


Thank you for all of the thoughtful replies.

I don’t have a band to play with, but I’d love to try tuning a whole keyboard sharp to 450 just to be there to feel the effect. TBH this is the first I’ve heard about it. Thanks for letting me know.

I believe I got ahold of you on SoundCloud :). If you ever plan to or end up posting videos on YouTube please let me know- I’d love to see you play your keyboard harmonica in a live setting.


The Vibrandoneon looks like an amazing instrument. Unfortunately it exceeds the amount that most people are willing to pay. I totally agree that Yamaha should take a stab at it- I’m sure they could easily make a more affordable model.

You said that you have your reeds tuned in octaves- is it possible to tune them in unison +/- a few cents for a thicker sound?

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