Reply To: Refinish of Yamaha P-32D

Alan Brinton

Refinish Follow-up: I’ve been playing the P-32D quite a bit and have noticed that smudges from where the thumb and fingers of my left hand sit began to show up pretty quickly. They are not noticeable unless you look for them, and the situation doesn’t appear to be getting any worse. The finish stands up well to washing with dish soap and water, but that doesn’t remove the finger and thumb prints. It might be less (or more) of an issue with another kind or color of finish. Also, though, when I carefully inspect the original finishes of the other melodicas I play regularly, there are other kinds of scratches and marks that I hadn’t noticed before. My general assessment so far is that the refinishing is successful. It meets with the approval of everyone I’ve shown it to. It also gives the melodica a bit more of a grip. Eventually I’ll post some more photos.

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