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Hi Melodica-ME,

Thanks for the compliments. Belly-Wah. I cracked up at that. That is a great name for the technique.

Yes it would be a tough choice between the Yamaha P-34c and the Hohner Piano 36. You have to love the precise design and construction of the Yamaha, and its high quality and very consistent tone, and its excellent playability and response. You can still buy them and they are easy to repair. It is super compact.

Unless you have 300 to 400 dollars and weeks to look around for a new one, the Hohner Piano 36 must be purchased used and the condition will always be a crap shoot. They are difficult to repair, not nearly as precise in design and construction, and playability and response, while pretty good, is not quite as consistent as the Yamaha. But in certain songs and genres, that big, full, harmonically-rich tone works really well. I love it.

So lately I have been thinking, well, the Yamaha is the least troublesome to own and there is an endless supply of them. So while I am playing the Yamaha a lot more than the Hohner these days, I am happy that I own a couple Piano 36s. So if I had to choose one or the other, I would have to think about it a long time

I always have my eye open for Hohners at a good price.

It may be that we can jam one of these days. I can, and have, collaborated in recording sessions with people all over the world using Indaba. It is a free online music collaboration website. You record and post tracks and then others can add tracks to your recording. Then you can take all the tracks and mix them the way you want. You can record and mix using their web software, or most any other music software such as Garage Band.

My profile is there. Search for Lowboy. Check it out.



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