Reply To: Melodica Tuning and Detuning and Being Out of Tune


Hi Steve,

To answer your question: “Another thing about the instrument is that if you play harder it goes flat and if you play softer it goes sharp. Do you have any techniques to compensate for this Lowboy? For example, as you crescendo a note it would go flat because of too much airflow to the reed (or it would sound like a downward bend)- perhaps slightly pressing a nearby key could correct the pitch while adding slight harmonic dissonance. That could possibly add a kind of distorted sound. I haven’t experimented much with this so I’d love to hear about some of your ideas and experience.”

For the blues, which is all I am really playing on the keyboard harmonica, I kike it when the notes go flat as I blow hard. I like the waver in pitch, and I wave my instruments around in the air and across the microphone to accentuate pitch wavering. So I have not really tried to counteract it.



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