Reply To: Amplification for Melodicas


Alan, for practice I use the play-along tracks by Jamey Abersold and Hal Leonord. You get backing tracks that are recorded by real musicians instead of a digital track or having to build up a track to play too. Nothing wrong with doing that, I just like to practice and not have to worry about going through the extra steps. They have a tremendous selection to choose from with many genres. You can also try Bobby’s Tracks they have more pop tracks. These tracks come with the music CD and sheet music. Some have a track with the melody and a track without so you can check your reading. They also usually have a section to solo too. The Monsters Of Melodicas jam to these all the time, plug the old CD player in to the PA and instant band. Yeah it’s Melodica karaoke LOL, but it works great. Put these tracks on logic or Pro-Tools and record yourself to hear how you sound. This is another topic that we need to get into sometime.

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