Reply To: Amplification for Melodicas

Alan Brinton

Thanks, Lowboy.

Well, you guys have been discussing amplification earlier — I’d have to look! I play my melodicas along with Band-In-a-Box quite a bit, usually using my main PC, which is amplified through a pretty good Denon Receiver and DCM speakers. (I have also played with my laptop connected to my somewhat higher end equipment in my main AV system.) My Kurzweil keyboard is located close enough to both those systems so that I can use it with BIAB. These are clean stereo amplification systems, and I don’t play at high levels or try to modify the sound. I absolutely agree with Melodica-Me about concentrating on playing the instrument, and the only reason for me for amplification is in connection with BIAB, which provides accompaniment and allows me to add what I’m playing to a track and see how it’s sounding. I’m also curious about what you guys are doing.

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