Reply To: Amplification for Melodicas

Alan Brinton

Since amplification is under discussion, I have two questions.

First, does anyone ever amplify through their regular sound system? The only amplification I do (as a non-performer) is of my Kurzweil keyboard through my regular sound system in (Denon AVR-4806 receiver and Paradigm monitor speakers). I’m not doing anything to modify the sound and always have the receiver in “Direct” mode, though it is set up for the room.

Second, I go to thrift shops a lot and often see old amps, usually Fenders that I’m guessing were used mostly with electric guitars. Occasionally I see odder looking amps. I don’t frequent pawn shops, but when I’ve been in them I see a lot of amps of various kinds. Are the kinds of amps you’re discussing sometimes available in such places at bargain prices? Sometimes the thift shop prices are ridiculously low ($600 speakers for $35 and such, an older but pretty good Denon receiver for $9.95, and so on).

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