Reply To: Hohner Melodica, classic versus new

Adam Tombs


Sorry to dig this up again but I would be very grateful if we could discuss the different versions of the piano 36… I recently bought a Piano 36 that has a gold trim (much worn) metal casing with plastic end caps. It weighs substantially more than any other Melodica I have handled. It does not play ‘clanky’ and the sound is beautiful and in tune. I only have a Hohner Piano 26 (the one with the slanting end caps on both ends, all plastic) and a new Hohner Instructor 32 to compare to but the build quality is noticeable better on the old Piano 36.
My recently acquired vintage piano 36 beats all my other melodica/s hands down for sound quality and the key action is superb, not at all how Melodica-Me describes his piano 36.
My Piano 26 is exactly how Melodica-Me describes his Piano 36 though haha…..

If the Professional is really that much better than the old Piano 36 I have at home it must be truly a gem amongst melodicas….

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