Reply To: Sometimes you just have to make it your self


Thanks Binyomin, the main reason I wanted a trumpet mouth piece was for when I play staccato and fast tonguing and to eliminate the moisture before it made it’s way into the instrument. Also, The position “to me” personal opinion here, the S-curve pipe is a little unnatural for my playing. Keep in mind that if you add a mouth piece to the end of the S-curve pipe you may put a lot of stress to the base so use caution, I put the trumpet mouth piece on the S pipe when I was trying different sizes and it flexed a bit and it did not look safe for the instrument. To much pressure on the mouth piece. In the straight position you do not have this problem. In the position I play the instrument now, it eliminates having to support the instrument as you do in the cradle position, again a personal choice. I use the Vibrandoneon a lot for recording and after a couple of hours the weight starts to bother me. I have a session next week and I will post the results if it makes a difference or not. I noticed that a video that Troy posted “the Sea Shanty”, he plays his Vibrandoneon in a similar position with a shorter mouth piece. To me it’s a more natural position for the hand and arm.

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