Reply To: Clavietta

Kipp Sturgeon

Thanks Melodica-Me. I took it apart, cleaned everything with alcohol and a Q-tip twice. No luck. On the third time I cleaned a little deeper and took a small flat head screwdriver and gently twiddled the reeds, especially the two not working ones. Put it back together all snug and it worked! What a beautiful tone. Not as loud as my Hohner but miked through my 90 watt Polytone Mini-Brute with a 15 inch speaker and some reverb, it’s going to sound gorgeous. It is nice and quiet for home practice so not to bug my wife too bad! I’m so glad my buddy found it for $80 in a pawn shop with a case. Professionally designed and built with quality. I’m still a novice on melodica type items but what a great addition to an acoustic band or jam. So portable and easy to sound good with limited keyboard skills. I gave my another buddy my Hohner and he’s crazy about these instruments now too! My daughter gave me a Guitar Center gift certificate so I just ordered their 32 key airboard keyboard with the rasta motif and new designed shorter flex mouth piece. That should be louder for unplugged applications. I always get great comments and questions when I play my Hohner on jams and gigs. Thanks for letting me join you all and I’m spreading the joy!

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