Reply To: Help with Finding Vibrandoneon Reeds


Martin hasn’t given me the specs for the reed material. If I knew that, I would explore the possibility of sourcing the material and having reeds crafters here in NY as I need them.

He quoted me 460 euro for a complete set of 34 + 12 reeds as well as 4 additional replacement reeds (the ones that are broken now). 360 euro if we omit the +12 highest reeds on the high bank, which rarely break.

Incidentally, Victoria had quoted me 300 euro for a set,IIRC, before they stopped responding to email…

It’d would be great if we could find a way to bring the cost down.

I really do appreciate Martin’s efforts. He’s been the only person willing/able to source the reeds for me, outside of Victoria. I spoke with a lot of accordion, concertina, and harmonium techs before posting here, and none of them were able to help.

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