Reply To: What tube & mouthpiece can I buy for Hohner piano 36?


Hello Richard, welcome to the forum, I have used this melodica a lot and I only use the trumpet mouthpiece, I find that it has the best control and feel. I never use any type of hose as it just does not give me the control I like. Any hoot, if you are definately set on using a hose you do not need to have any specific brand or model, you can actually go to your hardware store and get a clear hose and it will work, they even have surgical hose if you want more flex. You can find a mouthpiece on line, cut the trumpet portion and fit your hose and purchase another flat nozzle for the other end. Like you clarinet or sax you gain a sence of personal contact and learn to control the tone with your mouthpiece the same for the melodica.
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