Reply To: Good term for referencing melodicas, pianicas, and melodions collectively


Hi Steven,

I really really really like the name “keyboard harmonica” given my musical direction. I can see myself using “keyboard harmonica” in a number of contexts for my own purposes, and using melodica for general discussions.

For example, it sounds much cooler to tell a perspective blues band that I play Hammond organ and keyboard harmonica than to say I play organ and melodica.

Most people that I speak with, including musicians, don’t know what a melodica is. Keyboard harmonica on the other hand creates an image of what the instrument could look like and sound like. It may also imply a more serious instrument (at least to blues players), given the unfortunate connotation that the word melodica has developed as an educational instrument.

I won’t throw out melodica, but don’t be surprised if you see me write keyboard harmonica in some contents associated with my efforts.

Thanks so much for this idea. Given the popularity of the melodica in Japan, there is probably much to learn from Japanese players.



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