Reply To: Melodica sound improvment?


I don’t wanna mess up some great melodica.
Sound is not bad. Tonality is bad.
I was thking to experiment can I make tonality better inexpensive way.
Sorry plastic is not great. Even harmonicas is not fully made of plastic.
Mylodica is best sounding when people first play it.
Mylodica biggest problem is too closed casing. No holes. Moisture stayis in.
Maybe I can get something already made and modify it for melodica housing.
Aluminum squear tubing problem is that I can only assemble with sheet metal screws.
If I’m going to build new housing
2.Spruce and 3mm plywood.
3.Sheet metal and plywood.

From china I’m thking worse for something like that. If its made in china then they have suprised me.
Keys are good. Sounding is not bad. Only problem is tonality. There are even holes and button for moisture.
In 70’s-90’s some factorys made great quality unlicensed copys of musical instruments. some were even better than licensed ones.

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