Reply To: Anti-corrosive


Hi Alan, I have anodized aluminum and as far as I know no other metals can be anodized. The last time I did this was about 3 years ago with a model I made. The pieces that were not aluminum could not be anodized at that time. I know that the pieces that fit with in another piece did require that I remove the Ano so they can slip in. These pieces were approx. 1″ x 1/4″ by 3″ and fit an exact size slot. So mass was added enought that it had to be removed. I would assume that it would definately alter the composition of the metal enough to de-tune it. A few years back they came out with a product called liquid glass that is basically pure s
ilicon which was considered to be a nano coating 500 times thinner than human hair, maybe this is something that would work better for you. I could not tell you with 100% accurantcy because I only play a scientist on T.V. And I am not one in real life. 🙂

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