Reply To: Young Chang Melodion Pro-37


I’ll be posting pix and a review in a few days, but I just wanted to confirm that the Young Chang melodica my friend bought for me in Korea for $35 is the same instrument as the D’Luca I bought on eBay for $29.95 (free shipping) from seller musicianvip. The “red” is not the same color, and where the brand and “made in Chine” are stamped on the Young Chang, there is only blank space on the D’Luca.

So I think my theory that there is a factory (somewhere) producing these melodicas might be right. After I post some pix I’d like to hear from those who have purchased Excaliburs and Hurricane Harps melodicas.

The melodica has some minor tuning issues at the top end. But I’m pretty sure I can fix those. In other respects it is voiced very well and has the same quick and responsive keyboard. Oh, the mouthpiece on the Young Chang is straight, and on this D’Luca is curved like a Hohner. Both also come with the same “hose” mouthpiece which I usually use so I can see the keyboard.

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