Reply To: Train – Equinox on Student 32


In addition to the fact that I played the violin, viola, piano (and on this record, too), I also play the clarinet – New Orleans jazz style, and alto sax., \which is my real passion, though I play on it as an amateur. As a pianist, I played a lot of Coltrane music in ensembles and know not bad his playing style; even tried to play the saxophone.So I’m trying to come up   to melodica   from the side of saxophone   – In the area of ​​articulation and the sound.
Jack De Johnette since his start on instrument (small Hohner) sounded like a soprano saxophone. – which greatly influenced me! So when I play melodica, in my head sounds alto saxophone, and the ears feel which instrument transmits it better.For several years already clear to me that Hohner is best suited for jazz performance; what I wrote to the manufacturer,

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