Reply To: Excalibur Melodica Professional Model – 37 Note Black – Internal Microphone

Jeff Pertchik

Hi Melodica-Me and Alan,

I appreciate your input to the discussion. Based on the price and the way that the re-seller was talking to me, I figured as much. I use my Melodica much the way Donald Fagen uses his in Steely Dan. R&B, Jazz, Blues…etc. I’ve found acceptable results with my Honer 37 note instrument with a condenser mic internally installed and an external pre-amp. My main issue is I’m just having a hard time with even volume from top to bottom. I think that what I need to do is move the mic lower inside to make the deeper notes more prominent in the mix.

FYI: I just purchased a Line 6 Relay G30 – Guitar Wireless System to avoid being tethered to my mixer. Wow! what a great piece of equipment!! The classic loss of lows and highs obtained from older wireless systems and the interference, have been eliminated. I have a wedding that I’m doing this Saturday. I usually will get on the dance floor to get the crowd worked up, and I almost always get tangled in my cable. I’m so stoked to have ultimate freedom!! The price is low enough that one would think it is a piece of junk, but sound and performance-wise it is awesome. I have however heard that the battery cover that serves as two of the essential electrical contacts is somewhat flimsy. That would be the only drawback that I see. Nothing that a hunk of Gorilla(R) Tape wouldn’t take care of. 8 hours from two AA Alkaline. Considering that I’m using the instrument as an addition to my piano playing rather than as the sole sound, it should last for many gigs.

Thanks again for the advice, and if the spirit moves you, you can acquire the line 6 for about $199 from

Best Regards,
Jeff Pertchik

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