Reply To: Excalibur Melodica Professional Model – 37 Note Black – Internal Microphone

Jeff Pertchik

I’m a professional piano player of 35 years that has recently got into playing Melodica on stage. Been doing it for about two years. I’ve purchased a 37 note Honer and modified it to have a condenser microphone inside with an external pre-amp to be able to plug up to a PA system at live venues.

I’m wanting to take the next step and purchase one that has been designed by professionals for the specific purpose of connecting it to an amplifier and/or PA system.

What I’m seeing as an alternative to my homegrown Honer is an Excalibur Triple Crown Pro Melodica with Mic. Pickup. I see it advertised for about $199. Is it worth the money? is it a piece of garbage? I’m really in need of some guidance from folks that have been playing Melodicas for as long as I’ve been playing pianos! Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance Melodica World Community!

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