Reply To: Guitar synth pedal with a Melodica ?


I see. for computer recording (In the Box) much of the effects can be used as you mention with plug-ins. but for live application the systems are completely different and to me more complicated. For reverb Big Sky is great pedal, I have not used the plug-in for reverb plug-in I use the abby roads plate reverb from waves, a fantastic plug-in. for Live use I prefer and use the Chase Bliss CXM 1978 reverb pedal. In the old pictures of my pedal board, I started with a Cathedral Pedal (reverb) from Electro harmonics I was not very happy and tried several other models before I ended with the CXM. I am not sure what kind of Synth sounds you are looking for but Electro Harmonix has the Synth9 pedal Personally I am not a big fan of these type of pedals as they are all a bit inconsistant with different melodicas. Note that these pedals were made for guitars and not for reed instruments with a pick up so I have found that individual pedals seam to work best. (IMHO) in my Video “What you going to do I use many effect pedals on my melodica to create a synth effect. (Solo starts at 109).

These effects were all done with pedals with reverb provided during mx.


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