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There is a complete Wurlitzer catalogue online. You will find blow accordions on Page 19 and 78ff

Wurlitzer Cincinnati

The following text is an excerpt from a german blog. translated by Google:

During this time, Hohner also began to conquer the American market. Hohner had a connection to at least 11 USA direct importers. One of them –Wurlitzer (Cincinnati) – had been founded by emigrants from Schöneck (Vogtland). Hohner increased his USA sales by 16 times at that time. In 1890, his USA sales were 96 percent. Hohner managed this without much advertising. Because Hohner could not meet the demand alone in 1892 despite a production of 2.1 million harmonicas, they bought from publishers, dealers and third-party manufacturers. Therefore, not every Hohner harmonica sold has been built at Hohner. Because the American market promised apparently limitless growth and good profits and there was an American consulate for export processing in Markneukirchen, other Markneukirch companies traded with harmonicas. They bought them in Klingenthal and the neighboring towns. Some let these manufacturers work directly for themselves. Because most Saxon manufacturers could not afford their own distribution. In Germany, there were 1,123 harmonica sole manufacturers in 1907 plus 460 companies with two to 50 employees. At that time, 1,395 Saxon manufacturers were registered. Most of them could only choose between Hohner and the wholesale trade.



If it is from Germany and not a Hohner, it‘s probably from Vogtland/Musikwinkel. If it is a Hohner, sometimes too.

A not complete list

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