Reply To: Do you know melodica original compositions?

André Sant’Anna

You’re probably right, Daren. It is unlikely that there will be a canonical repertoire for melodica and, to be honest, I think this opens up more possibilities than it closes. However, as it is a research, I need to somehow demonstrate that this does not exist for the melodica and describe the situation.

The research is being carried out at the University of São Paulo, Brazil.

I was already aware of Nathan’s research, which is quite interesting, by the way. And I think he did what many of us do, we created compositions (in his case) or arrangements based on our experiences with the melodica.
I also already have your melodica initiation books, which I like very much. They will certainly be cited in this research.

About your compositions, the ideal is that they are published somewhere that people have access to, however, even if they have not been published, this is also important data. I understand from your description that they were written for a specific context. For me, it seems to me that there are many unpublished compositions for melodica, so describing this situation is important. Perhaps the set of compositions you wrote as part of your Trinity Laban course could be listed, if you want. Maybe you already know, but at you can publish them.

And please, I would be very grateful to talk to Terry Riley.

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