Reply To: Nano coating for reeds?


I’ve now received and tried the nano coating (Nanotekas Nano Coating for Metal Chrome Stainless Steel):

It comes as high priced spray can (25 Euros/100 ml) in a small package. I had assumed I could spray a thin layer directly on the reeds and just remove excess with a cloth. But first it must be sprayed on a cloth, applied to the reeds with this cloth, and then, excess has to be removed with another cloth. This procedure requires a much higher dosis than spraying it directly on the reeds, which makes it very expensive.

The spray can has a warning “highly inflammable” on it, but there is no list with the ingredients and also no info­rmation about allergens or toxicity. Is it just as bad as a hair spray or worse? I’d really like to know that, especially considering that every time when moisture is blown out of the melodica, a certain amount of the nano coating might be distributed into the air. The spray has a certain odor, but it’s not extreme and dissipates fast (but sometimes, toxic ingredients have no odor at all).

Before applying the nano coating, I’ve cleaned the reeds and reed plates thoroughly with a dry cloth – wet cloth – kitchen cleaner – wet cloth – dry cloth – alcohol (there was some debris from the factory). To my surprise, applying the nano coating to a few reeds (including reed plate) left a dark spot on the cloth and the reed plate looks a bit shinier where it had contact, although I had just cleaned it. I didn’t rub hard at all, so it seems that the nano coating contains something aggressive.

I’ve sprayed some destilled water on all reeds and don’t see any difference between the nano coated and uncoated zone. I had expected fewer or smaller water drops, but that’s not the case. This nano coating spray is primarily advertised for stainless steel and chrome, maybe that works better.

To summarize it, I don’t recommend using this spray inside a melodica.

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