Reply To: Custom Melodica Tubing

Dee Cook

Hi Lowboy – I realize this is an old post, but I wanted to ask a few questions about the technique you describe, so I’m sure I understand exactly what you did. Note: For a variety of reasons, I play with a flexible hose/tubing table-top style. However, I’d love to have a black hose rather than the cheap looking white ones that came with my Yamaha 37 melodica.

My major questions have to do with how you replaced the fitting on the Suzuki tubing with one that fit your melodica. 1) Did you cut the fitting from another tube with the right size fitting for your melodica and attach it to the black Suzuki tube? 2) how different was the size of the suzuki tubing from the new fitting? 3) When you said you “thermoset” the the tubing with a hair dryer, do you mean that you heated the fitted piece and the plastic tubing to form a new bond?
I too think the black tubing looks much better for performance purposes. So Any additional details about how you made your new tube/hose, and how well it’s held up over time would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. Diane

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