Reply To: P-37D wildly out of tune? Also: delayed key sound.

André Sant’Anna

Alan, I noticed I misspelled the previous message. Applying nail polish to sharpening the reed didn’t work. I applied the nail polish in various spots and amounts on the first half of the reed. All the extent where we usually scrap to turn the pitch sharper. I tested it only on one melodica (Suzuki Melodion M-36), maybe I should try on other models to see if the result is the same.
Applying to the tip of the reed to flattening the pitch worked very well in many melodicas.

Dealing with nail polish on the reed is very simple. After it dries, it is very easy to remove small parts of what was applied or even everything that was applied with just the tip of a scraper, just as we usually do when scraping.

But again, I don’t know if the nail polish can damage our healthy even though I’m still alive, haha
What I know is that it has a strong and not good smell. After a few days the smell goes away.

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